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Long Term Relationship (LTR)

Definition - What does Long Term Relationship (LTR) mean?

Long term relationship is a term which defines an intimate, committed relationship between human beings. This relationship typically involves two people, but may involve more than two participants in polygamous or polyamorous relationships.

A long term relationship is the opposite of a casual relationship which typically does not have the same longevity or depth of emotions involved.

Long term relationship is sometimes shortened to the acronym LTR especially in personal advertisements.

Kinkly explains Long Term Relationship (LTR)

Most everyone agrees that a long term relationship must involve emotional intimacy and a long-term commitment. Love, trust, honest communication, and openness between all parties are common elements of a long term relationship. A long term relationship typically gives all parties emotional support, a sense of belonging, and feelings of being connected, valued, and respected. A long term relationship also makes it easier for someone to satisfy their sexual urges although many people in long term relationships must work hard to maintain their spark.

However, a long term relationship may involve different elements for different people. Some people involved in a long term relationship may live together, some may get married, and others may do neither of these things. Monogamy is a common element in many long term relationships, but may not play a part in the long term relationships of others such as people who practice polyamory.

There is no set length of time agreed upon for a long term relationship. Some suggest that any relationship that lasts more than two months could be classed as a long term relationship, while others suggest that a relationship should last for at least a decade to be considered long term. Some long term relationships last a lifetime.

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