Light Kissing (LK)

Last Updated: November 19, 2015

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Definition - What does Light Kissing (LK) mean?

Light kissing is gentle, sensual kissing that is less intense and passionate than deep kissing or French kissing. Typically, light kissing is done with mouths closed and by only using the lips, without the involvement of tongues. It is a tender expression of affection shared between two people and may be a component of foreplay or a substitute for sexual activity amongst young people and people delaying sexual contact.

Light kissing is sometimes shortened to the acronym LK.

Kinkly explains Light Kissing (LK)

The point at which light kissing becomes deep kissing will vary depending on an individual’s perspective. Many people believe light kissing must be done with closed mouths. However, some more permissive individuals believe that light kissing can be done with open mouths, but not as much tongue as is involved in deep kissing. Many people believe that a kiss on the mouth or cheek constitutes light kissing, while kissing on the neck, breasts, and genitals constitutes deep kissing.

While light kissing is generally regarded as a safe activity, it’s important to note that it still carries some risk. The close contact involved in light kissing can facilitate the spread of germs, including those causing the common cold and flu. Someone who has open sores on their mouth can also pass on herpes or scabies through light kissing. For these reasons, it’s best to avoid kissing someone you know is sick, especially if they have visible sores on their mouth.

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