Height and Weight Proportional (HWP)

Last Updated: November 6, 2015

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Definition - What does Height and Weight Proportional (HWP) mean?

Height and weight proportional (HWP) is a descriptive term that is typically displayed as an acronym in online dating and is used to indicate that a person’s weight is within the average range for their height. The descriptor is most commonly seen in personal ads or online dating profiles.

Although this term can mean a number of things, it does suggest that a person is looking for a partner whose weight might be considered "average" or "healthy," and is typically considered a euphemism for "not overweight."

Clearly, HWP is a subjective term and, while it does not specify exactly what size or weight of person would be considered unacceptable, it does point to a certain level of size discrimination.

Kinkly explains Height and Weight Proportional (HWP)

HWP may be used by those who are seeking partners with a certain physique, or by people describing their own appearance. People may choose to use the term height and weight proportional rather than display a picture online.

Height and weight proportional was a term more commonly used in the ‘90s than today, although it’s recently enjoyed a resurgence in the gay community.

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