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Cum on Hair (COH)

Definition - What does Cum on Hair (COH) mean?

Cum on Hair is a term for a service offered by sex workers who allow their clients to ejaculate on the hair on their head. The term Cum on Hair is often shortened to the acronym COH, especially on the menus of sex workers and in the field reports logged by their clients.

Kinkly explains Cum on Hair (COH)

A client may ejaculate in a sex worker’s hair by pulling out during sexual intercourse, oral sex, or during a hand job.

People who enjoy cumming on hair tend to prefer ejaculating on long hair. They typically enjoy the way hair looks dripping with semen, and may even visit websites to see images of women who have cum in their hair.

Cum on Hair is considered a safe sexual practice. However, it requires quite a bit of careful washing to remove ejaculate from hair. For this reason, many women don’t like their partners to ejaculate in their hair. This may be part of the reason why the service is so popular in the sex industry.

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