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Cum In Mouth (CIM)

Updated: FEBRUARY 3, 2024
Reviewed by Dr. Laura McGuire

Cum in mouth is a service offered by sex workers who allow their clients to ejaculate into their mouth. The term is usually shortened to CIM on sex worker's menus and in their logbooks. Some people also enjoy performing cum in mouth with their sexual partners. People with penises can cum in a person's mouth by pulling out during intercourse, through oral sex, or during a hand job.

Why are people into cum in mouth?

Cumming in a partner’s mouth can make someone feel powerful. This act places someone in a dominant position, with their partner typically kneeling at their feet and being “marked” by semen.

Cum in mouth can also be visually appealing. Some people enjoy watching their partner play with and swallow the cum after ejaculation. Cum in mouth can be especially arousing if the person receiving the cum seems to enjoy the taste.


Because this act is common in pornography, many people who have been aroused by this type of porn may wish to play out similar scenes with real-life partners.

Cum in mouth can also be a very intimate act, for the giver and the receiver. Taking semen into the mouth is like receiving a piece of a sexual partner. It also requires a high degree of trust, as the penis is vulnerable in a partner’s mouth.

How common is cum in mouth?

It’s difficult to determine how common cum in mouth is in the sex industry as there few official studies on the topic. However, research from Bespoke Surgical suggests many people enjoy this activity. After surveying more than 1,000 people in 2019, the clinic found the average person performed oral sex 5.32 times and received it 5.2 times each month. More than 28% of people with ejaculating partners said they preferred their partner cumming in their mouth. Cum in mouth was even more popular among ejaculating partners, with 49.5% saying they preferred to finish oral sex this way.


More About Cum In Mouth (CIM)

Cumming in Mouth Porn

As with other common sex acts, cumming in a partner’s mouth is a fairly common sex act that is often portrayed in pornography. This act may be vanilla or used in one of the following ways to appeal to a kink:

  • Forced: Featuring someone with a penis forcing a partner to perform fellatio and holding their head until they cum in their mouth
  • Surprise: Featuring someone with a penis surprising a giving partner by climaxing during fellatio when they don’t expect it
  • Taboo: Featuring someone cumming in the mouth of a partner who’s taboo, such as a mom or granny

Porn Watching vs Cum in Mouth IRL

Some people feel cum in mouth is dirty or disgusting. However, any consenting sexual partners can enjoy cum in mouth. The experience of watching porn featuring cum in mouth is very different to the experience in real life.

“If trying this with a partner after having just seen this in porn, one thing to keep in mind is that porn is almost always scripted, maybe unless it’s amateur porn. Prior to recording such a scene, the actors involved most likely know what’s coming,” explained Dr. Courtney R. Padjen, PhD, LMFT, the owner, director, and psychedelic-informed sex and trauma therapist of the Centre for Sexual Wellness. “If trying this for the first time with a partner, it would be a good idea to talk through this new activity.”

People in pornography typically seem enthusiastic about participating in a cum in mouth scene. It’s important to remember that these actors get paid to appear excited about sex. In reality, some people feel having a partner cum in their mouth is humiliating, degrading, and misogynistic. Or, they simply may not enjoy the physical sensation of the act. A preliminary discussion can help people learn whether this sex act is something their partner is open to.


This conversation can also help people decide how cum in mouth might look for them and gain consent. People in pornography may appear to force partners into cumming in their mouth or surprise them with this act, but in reality all actors understand how a scene will unfold. Cum in mouth should always be consensual, and performed without force or surprise, unless consent was previously discussed and the partner knows they will be forced or surprised. However, people may like to role play forced or surprise cum in mouth if their partners agree.

People in porn may appear to choke or gag on their partner’s penis before cum in mouth. Such aggressive fellatio is not pleasant for many people. A receiving partner should pay attention to the giving partner’s cues and ensure they are comfortable throughout the experience.

Can you cum in your own mouth?

This is a question that gets bandied about a lot online. And, yes, it’s possible for someone with a penis to come in their own mouth. If they are flexible, this might occur through autofellatio, or performing oral sex on themselves. People can also come in their own mouths by positioning their mouth near their penis and masturbating.

Safety and Cum in Mouth

There’s no risk of becoming pregnant through cum in mouth, but there is a risk of spreading sexually transmitted infections including chlamydia, gonorrhea, syphilis and herpes. Cum can transmit infections through the soft tissues in the mouth and throat. The person with a penis can also contract infections from the giver’s mouth and throat.


“Being aware of sexual and oral health is important for safety when ejaculating into another person’s mouth or engaging in any sexual activity involving fluid exchange,” added Dr. Padjen. “If this activity is not done with a familiar partner, sharing up-to-date STI test results would be a topic to discuss in advance.”

The risk of contracting STIs increases if the giver has cracked lips, bleeding gums, ulcers, or a sore throat, as these conditions create ready pathways for infections. Seeing a dentist regularly can reduce the risk of these issues. Rinsing and gargling with water after cum in mouth can also lower the risk to the giver. If getting cum in mouth from a sex worker, choosing an established brothel where sex workers get tested regularly can also minimizes the risk of contracting an STI.

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