Last Updated: April 6, 2020

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Definition - What does Smothering mean?

Smothering is a term used to describe the obstructing of airways for sexual pleasure. Smothering typically occurs when a person covers a partner’s mouth or face with a part of their body or an object, such as a pillow.

Smothering is considered a fetish activity and a form of body worship within the BDSM community.

Kinkly explains Smothering

One of the most common techniques for smothering sees a person sitting on his or her partner’s face. While this technique appears similar to the sexual practice of facesitting, traditional facesitting does not deprive the submissive person of oxygen. When a woman smothers her partner in this way it’s known as queening, as she appears like a queen sitting on her human throne. A dominant may sit with his or her genitals or buttocks smothering the submissive partner. Women may also smother their partners using their breasts. The submissive person is typically expected to orally pleasure the dominant while being smothered.

The dominant person may simply hold down the submissive, or physically restrain them with bondage gear. A special stool which locks the submissive in place, known as a smotherbox, may also be used.

Smothering helps reinforce the dominant and submissive relationship of a BDSM couple, as the dominant has complete power. A submissive’s feelings of pleasure are often enhanced by the weight or pressure they feel on their body. They may also enjoy the taste and smell of their partner in such close proximity. As with any activity which cuts off a person’s air supply, the submissive may also feel euphoric sensations caused through lack of oxygen.

Because restricting one's airflow can be dangerous, people should take extreme caution during smothering. Dominants should allow space between their body and their partner, at least now and again, so that the submissive can catch their breath. A "safe action" should also be determined so the submissive can stop the smothering at any time.

While smothering is considered a fringe activity, there are smother clubs that cater to people who share this fetish.

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