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Furry Fetish

Updated: JANUARY 30, 2017

A furry fetish refers to a sexual interest in anthromorphic characters, or animals with human-like tendencies and features. Indulging in this fetish might involve drawing these characters, wishing to become them or interacting with other furries in online communities. A furry fetish may also include attraction to stuffed animals.

This term isn't always used in a sexual context; it's also often used to refer to non-sexual fandom for "furry" characters.

Furry fetishists may also be called "furries."

More About Furry Fetish

Furry fetishism shouldn't be confused with bestiality, or a sexual interest in animals. A person with a furry fetish enjoys dressing up as animals, being with others who dress as animals, or being with stuffed animals.

Some furries enjoy the idea of animals with human traits, such as cat or bunny girls in some animated pornography. This particular kink is rather easy to act out with costumes. There are even furry conventions where furries gather to meet.

There are also websites devoted to selling anatomically correct stuffed animals.


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