Naughty Nurse

Last Updated: September 4, 2017

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Definition - What does Naughty Nurse mean?

The naughty nurse is a popular stereotype enacted in sexual role play. This sexually provocative figure is a common object of sexual fantasies and character in films, TV programs and advertising materials as well. The character typically wears a tight, short nurse’s dress often paired with other fetish apparel such as stockings with garters or high-heeled shoes. Part of the appeal of this character is that the nurse is a caregiver for someone who is unable to care for themselves. This provides an element of nurturing, as well as of power and dominance.

Kinkly explains Naughty Nurse

The image of the naughty nurse has come under fire from the nursing profession. They insist this stereotype undermines the credibility of nurses and their standing in the community. Despite this criticism, the fantasy of the naughty nurse persists.

In role-playing scenarios, it’s common for a female to play the naughty nurse while her partner plays the submissive patient. The nurse commonly examines their patient while fending off “inappropriate” advances before eventually giving in. Alternatively, a naughty nurse may take a more submissive role while their partner plays the dominant doctor. The use of medical equipment can enhance this type of role playing.

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