Brazilian Wax

Last Updated: June 25, 2018

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Definition - What does Brazilian Wax mean?

A Brazilian wax is a procedure in which a licensed cosmetologist or esthetician uses warm wax to remove most or all of the hair in the genital area. Unlike a regular bikini wax, a Brazilian wax includes the removal of hair in sensitive areas, although sometimes a tidy landing strip or triangle is left in the front. Although this practice is mainly caters to women, men undergo these treatments as well.

While some people view Brazilian waxing as an excruciatingly painful procedure, others insist that the result - a completely hairless genital area - makes sex more pleasurable.

Kinkly explains Brazilian Wax

Because Brazilian waxing is a long and thorough process, it is best done by a skilled, licensed cosmetologist or esthetician. Warm wax is applied to hair on the inner thigh, the inner labia (or testicles for men), the upper pelvic area and between the buttocks. As the wax hardens, it’s pulled off quickly with a small strip of cloth.

A hairless genital area comes with many benefits, including better hygiene, fewer ingrown hairs, and more sensitivity in the genital area.

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