Gingham Fetish

Last Updated: March 10, 2015

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Definition - What does Gingham Fetish mean?

Gingham fetish is the term for a form of sexual desire where a person’s arousal is linked to the checked pattern cotton or cotton-blend fabric known as gingham. Individuals with a gingham fetish may feel sexually aroused when they see other people wearing gingham garments or when they are personally wearing gingham.

Kinkly explains Gingham Fetish

Gingham is thought to be a turn on because it makes people look younger than they really are. The fabric recalls the outfits of childhood including sundresses and school uniforms. The unusual mix of youthful clothing combined with adult sexual experience and understanding can be very erotic for people with a gingham fetish.

Most commonly, people with a gingham fetish become aroused at the sight of others dressed in gingham clothing such as gingham blouses or gingham dresses. However, some gingham fetishists become aroused when they dress in gingham. Often, these people are men who dress in feminine gingham apparel. While these people are cross-dressers, the gingham fetish is not directly related to cross-dressing.

Because of its association with school uniforms, a gingham fetish may be satisfied in a healthy way during school roleplay. Most people with a gingham fetish manage to control their urges and lead happy, healthy lives. However, if the gingham fetish becomes disruptive to normal functioning, therapy may be required.

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