Forced Weight Gain

Updated: NOVEMBER 4, 2019

Forced weight gain is a form of sexual fetish where the dominant party is sexually aroused by watching their submissive partner gain weight. Also referred to as feederism, forced weight gain often borders on a feeder-feedee relationship whereby one person overfeeds a willing or unwilling partner in a bid to make them gain weight. Most feeders have a fat fetish and are sexually aroused by stigmas associated with obese people such as a hanging stomach, rolls of fat, and double chins.


More About Forced Weight Gain

Forced weight gain often happen in Dom-sub relationships. The act of controlling one’s food consumption and weight can be sexually stimulating to the dominant partner. In these relationships, the Dom forcibly feeds the submissive an array of fattening and calorie-laden food such as fried foods, pasties, pizzas, pastas, and other such treats.

While the majority of feeders enjoy watching their partners grow bigger to satisfy their fat fetishism, some people may see forced weight gain as a way to keep potential suitors away from their partners.

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