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Fishnet Fetish

Definition - What does Fishnet Fetish mean?

Fishnet fetish is the sexual arousal by or sexual interest in fishnet stockings.

Kinkly explains Fishnet Fetish

Those with a fishnet fetish are aroused by the look of someone wearing fishnet stockings or by wearing a pair themselves. This fetish is a sub-genre of the underwear fetish. It is closely related to nylon and pantyhose fetishes. For the fishnet enthusiast, the arousal may stem from the see-through nature of the clothing or the feel of the fishnets against bare skin.

In addition to being attracted to fishnet, some individuals are attracted to stockings. This is why it is also known as a stocking fetish. Someone who has a stocking fetish may become sexually aroused watching stockings be put on or removed as well as by wearing stocking themselves, seeing someone else wearing them or by engaging in sexual activity with a partner who is wearing them.

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