Last Updated: July 20, 2017

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Definition - What does Confinement mean?

Confinement is a general term for any state during which the movements of a submissive person are restricted. This may occur through bondage, caging, or the use of a confinement room. The dominant determines the circumstances of the confinement, including the method and the length of time for which the sub will be confined.

Confinement is often used as a punishment for transgressions in the BDSM world, and as a way for the dominant to take control of his or her submissive.

Kinkly explains Confinement

When using bondage methods to confine, the dominant must tie the submissive to something, such as a bed or a chair. Some experts believe the bondage should be incomplete, so that the submissive can move around just a little. This practice increases the feeling of being confined. Submissives can also be confined in cages, in closets, under desks, or almost anywhere the dominant wishes.

Confinement may occur in the presence of the dominant or others, or a submissive may be confined and then left alone. Even if others are present during the submissive's confinement, they should ignore the submissive, as confinement aims to provoke feelings of boredom, loneliness, and a yearning for attention.

Confinement may be enhanced by the dominant's implementation of physical pain, through the use of devices such as nipple clamps, or by way of mental cruelty. Both methods will intensify the effects of the confinement for the submissive.

Confinement is usually imposed upon a submissive by their dominant partner. Some submissives also seek out confinement experiences in the sex industry. The majority of submissives that utilize these services are male, but most BDSM dungeons are happy to accept female captives, too.

It’s important for dominants to care for their submissives' mental and physical well-being during confinement. A dominant should always ensure that the submissive doesn’t suffer from claustrophobia before proceeding with confinement. The confinement should never be extended to a length that could cause cramping, muscle fatigue, or other physical problems. Parameters should be established and safe words set before confinement to ensure both parties get the most out of the process.

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