Suspension Bar

Definition - What does Suspension Bar mean?

A suspension bar is used in bondage practices to completely immobilize the submissive partner and consequently facilitate suspension bondage. This particular piece of equipment normally consists of a steel or iron bar that features several attachment points. Much like spreader bars, suspension bars are also designed to accommodate handcuffs and other forms of wrist and ankle restraints.

Kinkly explains Suspension Bar

In some cases, suspension bars come with chains attached at either ends. These chains are used to hoist the bar to the attachment point while enhancing the wearer’s stability. Medium-sized suspension bars can are commonly used as spreader bars as well and normally require a harness instead of chains. If you plan on indulging in suspension bondage for extended periods of time, it is advisable to go for longer bars that come with several attachment points which evenly distribute the wearer’s body weight through the rigger. A hoist is also recommended in these cases.

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