Last Updated: October 14, 2019

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Definition - What does Suspension mean?

Suspension is a form of bondage where the submissive party is suspended from a particular overhead point. It can involve a single or several overhead suspension points. Suspension can be partial or complete where no part of the submissive’s body touches the floor. Suspension bondage is generally considered as a higher-risk activity than most other forms of bondage.

Kinkly explains Suspension

In full suspension, the submissive party is completely supported by chains, cables, or ropes and no part of their body touches the ground. This activity is mainly practiced by more experienced people. Partial suspension may involve a chair, a kneeling bench, a table, or any such furniture for the person to lean on. In some cases, the person can also stand on tiptoes during suspension.

Within a BDSM context, there are three main positions for suspension: vertical, inverted or horizontal. Like most BDSM practices, this activity also involves the use of safewords.

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