Nose Shackle

Last Updated: June 22, 2017

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Definition - What does Nose Shackle mean?

A nose shackle is a device which clamps onto a submissive person's nose, typically during BDSM play. Most nose shackles have metal clamps with adjustable jaws to ensure they can comfortable fit a nose of any size or shape. These jaws are usually opened and closed using a screw or Allen key controlled by a submissive's dominant partner.

Kinkly explains Nose Shackle

It is the dominant partner's job to clamp the nose shackle onto the submissive's nasal septum so that it is secure. Nose shackles don't have to be uncomfortable, although some dominants may choose to tighten the shackle as punishment. Once the shackle is clamped down, it cannot be removed by the submissive.

A nose shackle may be used on its own or attached to a chain or leash. Both methods give a dominant partner control over his or her submissive and help reinforce the power dynamic in a BDSM relationship. A dom may lead their partner by the nose as part of erotic humiliation. A nose shackle may also be used to pull the submissive's head into certain positions, such as for oral sex or to force eye contact.

As the nose has many nerve endings, some submissives find that wearing a nose shackle is a very pleasurable experience.

While intended for use on the nose, many nose shackles can also be used as tongue clamps or used to shackle the ears, nipples, or genitals.

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