Nawa Jujun

Last Updated: February 25, 2019

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Definition - What does Nawa Jujun mean?

Nawa jujun is a Japanese term for a submissive person involved in rope bondage. Typically, a nawa jujun participates in Nawa-aikido, an erotic Japanese style of rope bondage is the Kinbaku-bi tradition. A nawa jujun could also participate in another styles of Japanese bondage, like Shibari.

Nawa jujun loosely translates to 'rope bottom.' This English term can also be used interchangeably for nawa jujun. Nawa jujun can also be shortened to simply 'jujun.'

Kinkly explains Nawa Jujun

Through Nawa-aikido, both nawa jujun and the dominant or rope master become connected. The practice and process of rope bondage is intended to create a harmonious energy between both parties. Energy also flows between the nawa jujun and the rope.

While the rope master has the most active job during Nawa-aikido bondage, the nawa jujun’s role shouldn’t be underestimated. A nawa jujun must practice deep breathing and other meditation techniques to center their “ki” energy. They must also surrender totally to the rope master, trusting this person and the bonds they create.

If ropes are the rope master’s artistic tools, the nawa jujun can be thought of as the canvas. When the nawa jujun and ropes come together, erotic art is created. It’s not uncommon for the nawa jujun to enter a euphoric state during the bondage process or even have full body energy orgasms.

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