Clothed Male, Naked Female (CMNF)

Last Updated: July 27, 2018

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Definition - What does Clothed Male, Naked Female (CMNF) mean?

Clothed male, naked female (CMNF) is a term that refers to any scenario in which male participants are wearing clothes and female participants are nude. These scenarios are popular in the fetish scene because they emphasize a male's dominance and control over a woman. Without clothes, a female is much more vulnerable.

Clothed male, naked female may also be referred to as clothed male, nude female.

Kinkly explains Clothed Male, Naked Female (CMNF)

Clothed male, naked female scenarios can be portrayed in movies, videos, erotic photographs, and books as well as in real life. The clothed male, naked female theme is popular in fetish role-playing scenes, particularly those that include male dominance and female submission. It can also occur during bondage role playing and foreplay, such as when a woman does a striptease for her male partner. This scenario also occurs every night at erotic dance clubs, or strip clubs, around the world.

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