Chastity Device

Updated: APRIL 18, 2016

A chastity device is a type of garment that can be worn to prevent the wearer from having sexual intercourse or participating in any other sexual activities, including oral sex and manual stimulation. These devices are common in BDSM play and relationships. Submissive partners typically wear these devices as a means to give control of their sexual activities to their dominant partners. To ensure that a submissive does not remove the chastity device, it will usually be secured with a small padlock, to which the dominant holds the key. There are chastity devices for both men and women.


More About Chastity Device

Male chastity devices consist of a plastic or leather tube into which the penis is inserted. Belt-style male chastity devices also have straps that go around a man's hips and sometimes between the legs, connecting to the back of the belt. Cage-style male chastity devices consist of a tube for the penis, which is connected to a ring that is meant to be placed around the base of the scrotum. This type of device stays in place because the testicles become trapped between the tube and the ring when the device is locked.

Female chastity devices are belt style, and they often look similar to a thong. These devices typically consist of a flat panel of leather that is placed over the genitals. Zippers may also be present to allow a dominant access to the genitals. Female chastity belts are usually locked in place with a small padlock located on the straps around the waist. Styles with zippers can usually be secured with small padlocks as well.

Both male and female chastity devices have small holes or perforations to allow the wearers to urinate without removing the devices.

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