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Contrapolar Stimulation

Updated: OCTOBER 14, 2019

Contrapolar stimulation is the act of receiving both pain and pleasure at the same time. Designed to provide a “hurts so good” form of pain, this particular form of stimulation can be found in both light and hardcore BDSM. Contrapolar stimulation aims to explore the line between pain and pleasure by titillating the senses through the use of various accessories. This form of stimulation also focuses on a slow build-up which often leads to intense climaxes.


More About Contrapolar Stimulation

Unlike punitive pain, the dominant party does not merely seek to hurt the submissive. On the contrary, contrapolar stimulation focuses on the releases on endorphins- a particular set of hormones that is released during intense sensations. Contrapolar stimulation can involve wax play, ice cubes or any similar practice derived to produce overwhelming and contrasting sensations.

Cock and ball torture, for example, is a popular form of contrapolar stimulation that involves inflicting both pain and pleasure across the male genital organs. Flogging and nipple clamps are other common techniques of contrapolar stimulation.

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