Last Updated: January 23, 2017

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Definition - What does Cane mean?

A cane is a thin rod used for impact play. The most common are made from rattan, but they are also found in acrylic, lexan, and even stainless steel.

Kinkly explains Cane

Caning is a common form of impact play. Due in part to the use of canes in many countries and time periods as a form of corporal punishment, their use is widely fetishized.

Caning can be severe and painful, and it can also be sensual. Some techniques of sensual caning can last an hour or more and even lead to orgasm for some bottoms.

Canes come in a variety of materials and can be many different widths. Canes are sometimes homemade out of of materials such as dowels found at the hardware store. Bamboo should be avoided because when it breaks it splinters, and these splinters can break the skin and cause a great deal of damage.

Because caning can break the skin, care should be taken to avoid this unless the toy used is dedicated to only one person, or is made from a material that can be sterilized. Natural materials, like rattan, cannot be sterilized.

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