Breast Torture

Last Updated: January 6, 2017

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Definition - What does Breast Torture mean?

Breast torture is a BDSM practice wherein the submissive is tortured via pain inflicted on the breasts. Breast torture is also referred to as nipple torture, titty torture and tit discipline.

Kinkly explains Breast Torture

Breast torture is achieved with any activity that inflicts some kind of pain of the breasts of the submissive partner. This can include any type of binding with ropes or chains, twisting or piercing of the nipples, pinching with clamps, and/or the use of hot wax. The point of the activity is for the dominant to show authority and to humiliate the submissive, while also simultaneously resulting in pleasure for the submissive and dominant. This practice is often used in conjunction with breast bondage.

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