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Box Tie

Updated: APRIL 16, 2018

The box tie is a class of rope bondage ties where the bottom’s arms are tied (typically behind the back, but there are variations) and their arms are held close to the body with wraps over the arms and around the torso. More generally, the box tie falls under the category of chest harness.


More About Box Tie

Because the arms are pinned to the body, this tie is nearly inescapable. It allows almost no motion. As with most rope bondage, this security comes at the cost of ease of untying. There are many steps in a box tie, so it takes a while to undo.

As a safety feature, the wrists are often tied with a quick release knot. This enables the wrists to be untied first while the rest of the rope is undone.

Another safety consideration with this tie is that it places rope over or near some major nerves, such as the radial and ulnar nerve. Nerve damage can result from improper tying or from rope shifting into problem areas. The box tie is a common tie when used as a base for suspension bondage further increases these risks because when the rope digs into the arms under pressure, injury is more likely to occur.

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