Ball Busting

Last Updated: February 3, 2020

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Definition - What does Ball Busting mean?

Ball busting is a general colloquial term for any type of cock and ball torture involving the testicles. Ball busting can consist of actions such as squeezing, tight binding, and striking of the testicles, using the hands, feet, or torture aids such as paddles, whips, floggers, humblers, and other manmade devices. A ball buster is one who administers these activities.

A ball buster may be a heterosexual woman, a homosexual man, or a bisexual individual.

Kinkly explains Ball Busting

The testicles are a common target on a submissive's body for a dominant, as they are the center of a man’s sexuality. The importance of the testicles for sex and reproduction, and the thought of nullifying these sex organs, can be very arousing for a dominant partner, particularly a female dominant.

Ball busters generally enjoy the power they feel when bringing a submissive man to his knees. It takes very little stimulation for a ball buster to dominate a man, and this ease can bring them great pleasure and amusement.

On the flip side, men can also take pleasure from the vulnerability they feel when being ball busted. They appreciate the power that a dominant partner can have over them, and may even become aroused at the mere thought of a master busting their balls. Because of the power exchange that occurs during ball busting, this practice can be an effective way to reinforce the roles in a BDSM relationship.

Endorphins released during the pain of ball busting can also create a sexual high, especially if the man is already aroused. In some cases, a man will ejaculate during ball busting.

Ball busting is typically a consensual act performed by adults who understand their roles. Many people who enjoy ball busting have a masochistic streak, while men who are ball busted often have a fetish for shoes, boots, feet, or legs.

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