Service-oriented Submission

Last Updated: May 1, 2018

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Definition - What does Service-oriented Submission mean?

Service-oriented submission refers to a relationship dynamic within the BDSM lifestyle where the passive partner is both physically and emotionally “in service” to the dominant partner. These relationships may or may not involve romance and romantic love. In most cases, submissive wear collars around their necks to physically represent the ownership that the dominant has over their bodies.

Kinkly explains Service-oriented Submission

Service-oriented submission is not limited to sex play. Indeed, several couples manage to add this practice to their daily life. For example, a dominant may ask the submissive to do the housework wearing nothing but a slave collar. Within a service-oriented relationship, the submissive relishes in the sensation of being controlled.

Accessories such as nipple and genital clamps, whipping, spanking, wax, or ice cube play very often form part of such relationships. Services often include fetching drinks, meal planning, cooking, personal assistance, cigar services, and cleaning. Some people might also prefer to wear outfits such as a maid or nurse outfit to bring a more realistic sensation to service-oriented submission.

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