Vault Horse

Updated: JULY 25, 2017

A vault horse is a type of sex furniture used by BDSM couples for spanking play. The submissive partner is fastened to the horse, face-down, with their pants pulled down or removed completely. In this position, they are made vulnerable and well-situated to receive a spanking or whatever else the dominant partner has in mind.

A vault horse is often called a vaulting horse or a spanking horse.


More About Vault Horse

A submissive partner may be tied to a vault horse with rope, scarves, cable ties or cuffs. They may lie along or across the vault horse’s body. Once the submissive is bent over the vault horse, the dominant can easily spank or flog their partner’s buttocks, back, and thighs with a bare hand, whip, flogger, or another device.

Vault horses intended for BDSM play typically have D-ring fixing points for ankle and wrist cuffs. They may also be adjustable, to cater to submissives of different heights, and have removable legs for easy storage.

Some dominants claim that a vault horse allows them to put their submissives in the best possible position for paddling. Submissives lay with their full weight against the comfortable padded top of the horse. This makes their buttocks relaxed and plump. As submissives are able to be comfortable using a vault horse for an extended period of time, it's a perfect piece of furniture for lengthy spanking sessions.

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