Piss Play

Last Updated: February 27, 2017

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Definition - What does Piss Play mean?

Piss play refers to the erotic practice of urinating in your partner’s mouth or on any other region of the body. Categorized as being a form of salirophilia, piss play brings sexual satisfaction from disheveling, dirtying, or soiling your partner. The receiver is equally aroused by the act. In fact, some people require piss play to achieve orgasm.

While there is quite a lot of confusion between the two terms, piss play differs from a diaper fetish.

Kinkly explains Piss Play

Individuals who are aroused by urine are often referred to as urophiliacs. Some of history’s most notable urophiliacs include, but are not limited to, British sexologist Havelock Ellis, Ricky Martin, American porn actress Annie Sprinkle, and Patrice O’Neal.

Individuals who are turned on by piss play often consume their partner’s urine or can even bathe in it. Piss play has many variations. These include clothes wetting, voyeurism, watching a partner hold one’s urine in, or use one’s partner as a human urinal. In the BDSM world, urophiliac dominants require their submissives to wear urine-soaked underwear for extended periods of time.

Piss play has also become increasingly popular in adult movies and literature, with several porn actors openly admitting their fetish for this erotic practice. From a medical perspective, piss play is relatively safe because urine is free of bacteria when fresh. However, it is important to note that urine-soaked clothes can start to harbor harmful bacteria after some hours.

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