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Forced Feminization

Updated: DECEMBER 20, 2021

Forced feminization, also called forcefem or forced femme, is a practice in which a dominant partner (of any gender) makes their male-identified submissive assume a feminized role. This can include being made to wear women's clothing, being called by a feminine name, being made to adopt feminine mannerisms, and being anally penetrated. Part of the fantasy is that the submissive partner is being forced into this role against their will. However, as with all BDSM practices the submissive partner should not actually be doing anything against their will. All activity should be negotiated beforehand and a safeword should be agreed upon so the submissive partner can communicate their desire to stop the scene if necessary.

Forced feminization may also be referred to as sissification and the roleplay may involve something called sissy training.


More About Forced Feminization

Forced feminization is a commonly requested fantasy among dominatrixes and other sex workers.

Part of the appeal of forced feminization may come from the pressure society puts on men to be traditionally "masculine." A man who is drawn to things labelled "feminine" may feel that he cannot indulge that part of himself. Having someone "force" him to do so provides an outlet for those feelings. In this scenario, it is not the man's "fault" that he acted in a feminine manner. This helps relieve him of possible guilt or angst.

Although forced feminization is distinct from transexual identity, the practice may resonate with closeted trans people looking for safer ways to try on a feminine identity.


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