Family Play

Last Updated: December 3, 2018

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Definition - What does Family Play mean?

Family play is a term used to describe a sexual role playing scenario which explores intimate relationships between family members. During family play role playing, two or more individuals take on the roles of family members.

Family play may be conducted in person or over the phone. Family play involving fathers and daughters is one of the most common role play scenarios.

Family play is also known by the terms incest fantasy and incest play.

Kinkly explains Family Play

During family play, people may call one another by the names of relatives, such as “mommy” or “daddy.” One person might come across the other masturbating, or wearing the “family member’s” intimate apparel. They may also act out nurturing acts which could have a sexual side such as suckling at a breast or bathing together.

Family play can be arousing due to the taboo surrounding incest. As with many things deemed unacceptable by society, people can become sexually aroused by family play because they feel they shouldn’t indulge in it.

Family play can be a healthy way for people in “normal” relationships to live out incest fantasies. It does not make someone more likely to commit incest or molest their own children. However, if family play is conducted with real life relatives, or it begins to overshadow normal sexual functioning, then therapy may be necessary.

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