Last Updated: May 19, 2015

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Definition - What does Acmegenesis mean?

Acmegenesis is an historic term for orgasm, or the onset of sexual climax. The term comes from a combination of the word “acme” meaning "height of" and “genesis” which means "creation" or "beginning." The orgasm is often considered to be the beginning of life or creation, which helps explain the term.

Acmegenesis has largely been replaced in the modern vernacular by more contemporary terms like climax or simply, orgasm.

Kinkly explains Acmegenesis

Acmegenesis is an antiquated or historic term for orgasm, or the intense sexual pleasure felt by men and women during sexual interaction. Acmegenesis is experienced by both men and women, although their experiences vary slightly. Regardless of gender, acmegenesis causes physical changes in their body, such as quickened heartbeat and heavier breathing.

In acmegenesis, both men and women experience contractions of the genital muscles. In men, this usually coincides with ejaculation, when semen is secreted from the penis. Some men also ejaculate clear fluid from the Skene’s glands near the urethra during acmegenesis, but this is less common.

Women may experience acmegenesis several times in rapid succession. This process is known as multiple orgasms. Men are unable to do this. It may take them anywhere from a few minutes to several hours to experience acmegenesis again.

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