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The Pill

Updated: MARCH 29, 2021

The pill refers to a combined oral contraceptive pill or COCP. It is a form of birth control pill that combines progestogen and estrogen. It should be taken daily, at the same time each day. Missing a dosage for more than 12 hours can lessen the pill's effectiveness. The pill comes in 21-pill and 28-pill packets. Women need to skip a week with the 21-pill packet. With the 28-pill packet, the pills for the last week are placebos.


More About The Pill

The pill was first introduced for commercial consumption in the US in 1960. The country now counts 12 million active pill users. In total, there are over 100 million women on the pill, globally. An alternative female oral birth control is the progestin-only pill. There is also the emergency contraception pill, which is taken hours or days after sex.


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