Corpus Cavernosa

Updated: APRIL 20, 2020

The corpus cavernosa refers to a region in the sexual organs of both males and females that fills with blood when aroused and erect. The penis has two of these regions, which is collectively referred to as corpora cavernosa.

In women, the corpus cavernosa is located in the clitoris. These regions fill with blood when they become erect. They go back to normal once the person has an orgasm or when the source of stimulation is removed.


More About Corpus Cavernosa

Some men do exercises for their corpus cavernosa. Developed in the Middle East, these exercises are supposed to result in bigger erections. The exercises are referred to as jelging. They also make penile skin more elastic. Jelging is done to a semi-erect penis – and never on a fully-erect one. This state of erection is achieved through the application of a hot compress and petroleum jelly.

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