Basal Body Temperature Method

Last Updated: May 26, 2020

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Definition - What does Basal Body Temperature Method mean?

The basal body temperature method is a fertility awareness-based method of natural family planning. It involves tracking the basal body temperature (temperature when at rest) to identify possible fertile days.

Kinkly explains Basal Body Temperature Method

The function of basal body temperature method hinges on the fact that ovulation can cause a slight increase in basal body temperature. In theory, tracking basal body temperature daily can enable one to predict the days they will be most fertile- the 2-3 days before the temperature rises. When trying to conceive, the method can be used to identify the best days to have sex. Similarly, for avoiding pregnancy it can be used to identify days to refrain from sex. It should be noted however that the basal body temperature method does not provide one with adequate warning time to effectively prevent pregnancy when used on its own and should be paired with another fertility-awareness method.

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