Sex Hangups

Last Updated: March 29, 2021

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Definition - What does Sex Hangups mean?

Sex hangups pertain to personal issues, either emotional or psychological, that get in the way of engaging or enjoying physical intimacy. These are mostly experienced by women because of the different social and cultural norms when it comes to women and sex. Sex hangups include anxiety over one's appearance when naked and the smell of one's genitals.

Kinkly explains Sex Hangups

Sex hangups can get in the way of enjoying sex. These may even limit some people from dating. It then becomes important to get over one's sex hangups. This is a personal struggle. So, while sex partners and friends can help encourage a person to let go of hangups, it still boils back down to the person. There are tips and guides available online. One can also solicit the help of psychologists or sex therapists.

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