Dr. Geri Weitzman

Last Updated: March 8, 2016

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Definition - What does Dr. Geri Weitzman mean?

Dr. Geri Weitzman is a licensed psychologist, based in San Francisco, California. She specializes in depression, relationship counseling, addiction, abuse issues, and gender/ sexuality issues. She services a diverse range of clients, owing to her openness to a variety of subcultures, including the LGBT community. Dr. Geri Weitzman offers a free session to first-time clients. This helps rid a person of any apprehension or misconception about going into counseling.

Kinkly explains Dr. Geri Weitzman

Dr. Geri Weitzman is well-known for her work on polyamory issues, and for providing clinical counseling to polyamorous people and families. She has published works on this topic. This has established her as one of the more forward-thinking and inclusive licensed psychologists in North America.

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