Sex-Positive Feminism

Definition - What does Sex-Positive Feminism mean?

Sex-positive feminism is the idea that women's sexual freedom is an important component of their freedom in general. Academics in this subject cover many elements of female sexuality, including teen sex, prostitution, transgender issues and the female role in BSDM. In general, sex-positive feminists are against laws and other barriers that aim to control consensual sexual activity. Sex-positive feminism is connected to the sex-positive movement and therefore shares many of its values of sex as fundamentally healthy and pleasurable.

Sex-positive feminism may also be called pro-sex feminism, sex-radical feminism and sexually liberal feminism.

Kinkly explains Sex-Positive Feminism

The main argument behind sex-positive feminism is that women should be free to have sex with whomever they please, something that men are believed to be able to do with considerably less stigma.

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  • Because, in an empty bedroom with creaky old wood floors, it is a natural human response to just stand there and shift your weight from foot to foot, and think about sex.

    - Andrew Smith

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