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Updated: APRIL 18, 2017

Sideboob is a slang term used to refer to when the side of a woman's breast is exposed and visible through a garment, such as a dress or shirt, with low cut arm holes. This is usually done purposely as a fashion statement. Several celebrities have recently flashed sideboob, both on casual outings and red carpet events. While some people may view this fashion statement as trashy or sleazy, many people also see it as very sexy and even see it as a form of sex-positive feminism, because it empowers women who wish to embrace their sexuality.


More About Sideboob

Sideboob can be a tricky fashion statement to pull off. Poor execution can make a woman seem more trashy than sexy. To keep a sideboob in place and avoid flashing the nipples, women can use two-sided body tape to keep their breasts in place.

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