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Reclined Crouching Tiger Position

Definition - What does Reclined Crouching Tiger Position mean?

The reclined crouching tiger sex position is similar to the crouching tiger position, which is a rear-entry position, except that the giving partner is in a reclined position. To get into this position, the giving partner should lie on his back while the receiver squats over his penis, facing his feet. The receiving partner can lean back to rest most of their weight their her hands or elbows. The giver can help support his partner with his hands. This position can be used for anal or vaginal sex.

Kinkly explains Reclined Crouching Tiger Position

The reclined crouching tiger sex position is a great position for G-spot stimulation, as the angle of penetration allows the penis to rub on the front of the vaginal wall. This position also allows easy access to the female partner's clitoris, which she can stimulate with her fingers or a vibrator. It is also possible to maneuver the male partner's arm to allow access for his hand to stimulate his partner's clitoris.

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