Last Updated: October 8, 2019

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Definition - What does Acrophilia mean?

Acrophilia is a love of high places. The term is a combination of the Ancient Greek word akros, meaning highest, and philia, meaning love.

In its simplest form, acrophilia is the love of being up high. Tightrope walkers and rock climbers could be classed as acrophiles. However, in many cases acrophilia is a fetish where people become aroused by great heights or high altitudes.

Kinkly explains Acrophilia

Acrophiles who are aroused by high places may simply fantasize about heights or high altitudes or they may act out their fantasies. These acrophiles might enjoy engaging in sexual acts on rooftops, at the top of tall buildings, or on mountains. They may also satisfy this fetish by having sex on an airplane. However, not all members of the mile-high club are necessarily acrophiles.

Generally, acrophilia is a manageable condition. Most acrophiles accept their fetish and find they can achieve gratification in appropriate ways. However, if the fetish becomes disruptive to day-to-day functioning, treatment may be sought. Psychoanalysis, hypnosis, and cognitive and behavioral therapy may be useful in treating acrophilia.

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