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Ass-to-Mouth (ATM)

Updated: AUGUST 13, 2018

Ass-to-mouth is a slang term which describes the sexual practice of anal sex, followed directly by oral sex performed on the dominant partner. It gets its name because the penis of the dominant partner goes directly from the submissive partner’s ass to their mouth.

Ass-to-mouth is often referred to as ATM, A2M, or the Libby.


More About Ass-to-Mouth (ATM)

Typically, the man does not clean his penis before moving from his partner’s ass to their mouth. It’s been suggested that this increases sexual pleasure, as the dominant male and his partner enjoy knowing that the submissive is ingesting some fecal matter. The taboo nature of this sexual practice also makes it exciting to couples that enjoy it.

A common variant on ass-to-mouth is known as ass-to-other-mouth (ATOM) or ass-to-other-girl’s-mouth (ATOGM). In this group sex practice, the dominant male partner in anal sex removes his penis from one partner’s anus and inserts it into the mouth of a different partner.

Ass-to-mouth and variations on it generally carry the risk of gastrointestinal tract problems. The intestinal flora from the rectum may enter the upper digestive tract. Also, if the submissive partner has a sexually transmitted infection of the ano-rectal area, such as gonorrhea, this may spread to the mouth and throat. Using condoms, and changing them whenever the penis moves from one orifice to another, is the best way to minimize health problems.

Ass-to-mouth was once a taboo sexual practice, but is now seen more frequently in mainstream pornographic films. It was also discussed in the cult comedy film Clerks II. Some critics suggest that pornography featuring ass-to-mouth is humiliating to the female participants, and even suggest that men who enjoy the practice are sexually deviant.

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