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Daisy Chain

Definition - What does Daisy Chain mean?

Daisy chain is a slang term which describes a group of at least three participants who perform oral sex on one another in a chain formation.

This sexual act gets its name because the participants resemble the garland of flowers attached by their stems which is also called a daisy chain.

Kinkly explains Daisy Chain

In a daisy chain, the first participant performs oral sex on the second, who in turn performs oral sex on the third, continuing down the line until the final "link" in the chain is performing oral sex on the first participant. This formation allows all participants to give and receive oral sex at the same time.

The participants in a daisy chain can be all female, all male, or any combination of sexes.

A variation on the daisy chain involves just three people. The person in the center of this group is penetrated, either vaginally or anally, by one partner while he or she performs oral sex on the other participant. This sexual practice is known colloquially as the spit roast.

Another variant sees the participants in the chain manually stimulating one another, instead of performing oral sex. Homosexual or bisexual men may also practice a version where each participant engages in anal sex with the next person in the chain.

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