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Vanilla Sex

Definition - What does Vanilla Sex mean?

Vanilla sex is the sort of intercourse that’s perceived as plain and conventional. While the term suggests an old favorite, it also implies sex that's dull or unadventurous.

Plenty of sex positions fall under the vanilla sex category, but this is such a subjective term that no one can dictate which positions are included, especially since each culture has its own idea of what conventional sex is supposed to be like. However, many people would agree that the most popular vanilla sex position is missionary.

Kinkly explains Vanilla Sex

In general, vanilla sex takes place between two naked people in a bed and involves no toys, props, costumes, or additional people. Despite its negative connotation, vanilla sex can be sensual, romantic and emotional (much like many other flavors!). It's also very popular. According to Adam & Eve's 2012 "Great American Sex Survey," of the 1,000 American adults asked to choose their favorite sex positions, 36 percent chose "female on top" and 33 percent chose "missionary," while 20 percent voted for "rear entry."

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