Anal Orgasm

Updated: SEPTEMBER 21, 2020
Reviewed by Dr. Sunny Rodgers
An anal orgasm is an orgasm that is achieved by stimulation of the anus. This type of orgasm is generally brought on by anal penetration, such as with a penis, finger, anal toy, prostate massager, or dildo. However, some people may experience anal orgasm with external play - even without penetration. Rimming (aka analingus) can also be a common activity that brings about anal orgasms.

Penetration of the anus also hits multiple erogenous zones. Not only does it stimulate the internal nerves of the anal canal, but it can also directly stimulate the prostate or indirectly stimulate the g-spot.


More About Anal Orgasm

How to Have an Anal Orgasm?

For many people, anal stimulation isn't the first stimulation that brings about orgasm. Especially during early exploration, penetrating the anus isn't the easiest or most intuitive activity for many. This means that anal sensations, and the ability to easily orgasm from them, aren't a pathway that the body has had years of experience with.

This can be a sticking point for many people looking to have an anal orgasm. Especially with how often anal orgasms are discussed, it can seem like anal orgasms are simple to achieve - and people having difficulty achieving anal orgasms can feel frustrated with themselves.

We highly recommend practicing patience (we know, easier said than done!) while exploring the pathways to anal orgasm. Not only does it require learning how your body enjoys a whole new type of stimulation, but it also requires retraining neural pathways to see the sensations from this area as erotic and orgasmic instead of solely related to bodily functions.

When you're ready to give anal exploration a try, relaxation and plenty of lubrication are the keys to having or giving an anal orgasm. Start slowly with the receiver's body fully warmed up and already aroused. For most people, starting with rimming - or a gentle, external massage with lube and one finger - can be a great place to start. Remember: anal play is not an activity that can be rushed. Rushed anal play leads to anal tears and pain - and that's not likely going to be the path to anal orgasm!

Once you or your partner is relaxed, try inserting one finger into the anus if it's desired. Additional fingers, a penis, or a sex toy can also be inserted, but make sure this is done slowly, as the anal tissues are delicate and prone to tearing. Use as much lube as you think you need - and then add a bit more. It's hard to overuse lube when it comes to anal play.

If playing with a partner, a common suggestion is to wait until the receiving partner begins to press back into the penetrating item. This can suggest that their body is ready for more stimulation, but we always recommend a verbal check-in to ensure everything is clearly understood.

And remember: anal penetration is not required for anal orgasms! If penetration is off the menu for any reason, consider further exploration with the anal entrance. Different finger strokes and shapes can be used on the rosebud to introduce new sensations, and you can even press the head of a vibrating toy up against the entrance too! For further experimentation, you might consider warming or cooling lubricants to add a "kick" to standard anal stroking.

If you're finding it difficult to experience anal orgasm, a different activity, technique, or toy may be required. Just like other erogenous zones, every body responds differently to stimulation. You may find that your body finds large toys most orgasmic - or that it orgasms easiest from a slim toy that's perfectly curved to hit the prostate. You may find that finger penetration doesn't quite do it - but penetration of a partner's tongue may get you there. Like all things sex, it's all about experimentation!

While some people experience anal orgasm from anal stimulation alone, that's rare. Even for the people who can orgasm from only anal stimulation, their ability to make it happen might vary from day to day - and how excited they are.

Instead of depending on anal stimulation, alone, to provide anal orgasms, we recommend thinking of anal orgasm as part of your blended orgasms. Add other, non-anal stimulation to the activity - especially things that you already find orgasmic! Not only does this help your body reach orgasm, but it also adds more pleasure. This reinforcement of "anal sensations = orgasm" can also help retrain the brain as well. It's a win-win all around!

What Does an Anal Orgasm Feel Like?

An anal orgasm will feel as unique as the person having it.

In general, people report sensations of tightness and explosive relief centered around the anal entrance. If penetration is involved, there may be additional stimulation from the fullness of the item or internal, full-body sensations from the internal erogenous zones that were included via anal penetration.

Some people also report that their orgasmic contractions feel more focused on the anal area when anal orgasms are involved.

Can Women Orgasm from Anal? Can Men Have Anal Orgasms?

Yes! Almost everyone has the potential to have an anal orgasm. The butt is a bit of an equal-opportunity zone. All of us have a butt.

The ease of achieving anal orgasms will vary from person to person, however. Especially for those who are new to anal play, the body may have difficulty recognizing sensations in this area as orgasmic - instead of related to bodily functions. Following the steps above can help, slowly, over-time, retrain the body to see these sensations as erotic.

Once the body sees those sensations as part of your erotic profile, it can be much easier to experience anal orgasms! While many people will require additional stimulation from other erogenous zones to make easy anal orgasms happen, it's a possibility for many people!

(Not all people can have anal orgasms. Especially for those with reduced sensation in the anal area due to
medical conditions or paralysis, anal orgasms may not be possible. Gentle, exploratory touching around the anal area - and watching for signs of pleasurable sensation - can help determine if your anal area may be sensitive to erotic play.)

Learn More about Anal Play

The first step to anal orgasms is having pleasurable, potentially-orgasmic anal play. Get started on the right foot with these anal sex resources:

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