Last Updated: December 3, 2018

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Definition - What does Edgeplay mean?

Edgeplay refers to BDSM activities that are considered risky, or on the edge of what might be considered safe, sane, and consensual. The definition of edgeplay is subjective and can differ from scene to scene and from individual to individual, but it can refer to anything from breath play to knife play to barebacking. The definition of edgy can also change over time depending on the sensibilities of the time period.

Kinkly explains Edgeplay

What constitutes edgeplay can be very personal. While a beginner's edge can be any kind of pain, a more experienced practitioner can move their edge further and further with increasingly dangerous activities such as blood play, needle play or branding.

Edgeplay requires that partners to trust each other implicitly and know each other very, very well. A dominant must always know whether their submissive can handle the type of play being used, especially in scenes where safe words have been removed (another form of edgeplay). Engaging in edgeplay with transient partners in clubs or private parties can be extremely risky. It is important that the dominant partner has the proper skills to handle the scene (BDSM takes practice) and that the submissive partner can clearly explain their edge.

Be wary of dominants who claim they can perform any kind of edge activity, and of submissives who claim they have no limits. Both attitudes can lead to permanent mental and physical injuries.

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