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Updated: SEPTEMBER 28, 2018

Intercourse refers to any penetrative sex between two partners of any gender or sexual orientation. In the most traditional sense, intercourse refers to heterosexual sex, the kind that involves inserting a penis into a vagina. But there are other types of penetrative sex; anal sex, oral sex, fingering or the use of a strap-on dildo could also be considered intercourse in some contexts.

Intercourse may also be called copulation or coitus.

More About Intercourse

Intercourse is a really general term and can mean anything from straightforward missionary to anal sex. Although it’s not really a very sexy way of describing sex, the word coitus means to come together or join together. Defining what counts as intercourse depends on the group of people you're talking to because there is a very broad range of behaviors that some people would consider to be intercourse.


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