Blood Play

Last Updated: April 27, 2017

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Definition - What does Blood Play mean?

Blood play is an erotic or sexual activity involving blood, and it often goes hand in hand with a blood fetish, or hematolagnia, and other edgeplay. Individuals who participate in blood play often find the sight or taste of blood erotic and sensual, and some may even find the pain of extracting blood sexually stimulating. During blood play, participants will often drink or lick blood they have extracted from their partners. This may be done using razor blades, knives, needles or biting. Many blood fetishists also state that blood play helps forge and strengthen their bonds with their partners.

Kinkly explains Blood Play

It's important to keep in mind that blood play can be very dangerous. A deep cut into a major blood vessel, for instance, can be very serious or even deadly. Less serious consequences include pain, infection and scarring. Blood also carries dangerous pathogens, particularly HIV and the hepatitis virus. Any tools used for blood play should be thrown away, sterilized with alcohol, or autoclaved after being used on a person. Those who choose to engage in blood play should also learn how to extract blood safely, and do it only with a partner they trust.

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