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Bikini Wax

Definition - What does Bikini Wax mean?

A bikini wax is a hair removal procedure that uses hot or cold wax to remove the hair around the bikini area (the hair that shows when wearing a bikini bottom, inside the thighs and to the side of the pubic mound). Depending on the type of bikini wax, it can involve a simple removal of the hair that is not covered by a bikini bottom, or the removal of all the hair in the genital area.

Kinkly explains Bikini Wax

The simplest bikini waxes can be done at home with drugstore waxing products. Because of the strength of the hair and the sensitivity of the bikini area, the water-soluble hot wax is recommended.

More complex bikini wax procedures like a landing strip, a Tiffany box or a Brazilian wax should be performed by a professional cosmetologist or esthetician. The closer you get to the genital area, the more painful the procedure will be.

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