Last Updated: January 7, 2019

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Definition - What does Stigmatophilia mean?

Stigmatophilia is a sexual fetish in which sexual arousal and orgasm depend on the partner being scarred, marked, tattooed, or pierced (especially in the genital or nipple region so that bars, rings, etc., can be worn).

Stigmatophilia is a rare type of paraphilia, which is marked by intense sexual fantasies, urges, or behaviors.

Kinkly explains Stigmatophilia

Stigmatophilia goes way beyond being attracted to someone with tattoos, piercings, and/or scars. Having stigmatophilia, as with all forms of paraphilia, means that sexual arousal and satisfaction depend on the presence of objects or situations that are not considered standard.

There are few studies about stimatophilia, although there is some research into paraphilia as a whole. In general, it is not considered a psychiatric disorder unless it causes distress for the afflicted individual or harm to others.

It is also important to note that stigmatophilia and other forms of paraphilia are not the same as normal human sexual behaviors, such as sexual fantasy and other forms of play. Unlike in paraphilia, these behaviors are used to enhance sexual experience, rather than make it possible.

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