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Plumber Position

Updated: JUNE 25, 2021

Plumber Position is an oral sex position. While this position is typically used for fellatio, it could also be used for cunnilingus or rimming.

Plumber sex position. The receiving partner is in a deep squatting position close to the floor. The receiving partner is on their knees and forearms, head between the receiver's thighs, to pleasure them. | Kinkly

To get into this sex position, a penis-owner squats down to present their penis to their partner who sucks the receiving-partner's penis while resting on their knees and elbows.


This sex position gets its name because the performing-partner’s position resembles the position of a plumber getting underneath a sink for repairs.

While the plumber position does not leave a lot of accessibility to include sex toys, it is still possible. For example in the image above, the giving partner is enjoying an anal toy (like the Thump-It, Satisfyer Love Beads, Odile, b-Vibe Snug Plug, or Nexus Simul8) while performing fellatio, which allows for both partners to receive stimulation at the same time. The receiving partner can also use a butt plug during this position, if they want to.

More About Plumber Position

To enjoy oral sex in Plumber position, a penis-haver stands with their legs shoulder length apart and squats down, with their feet flat on the floor. Their partner, facing the receiver, gets down on their knees and elbows. This position puts the performing-partner’s face close to the receiving-partner's penis and testicles, allowing them to easily perform oral sex. During this time, the receiving-partner can caress or hold their partner’s back, buttocks, and breasts.

A common variation of the Plumber position sees the person performing oral sex lying down on their back. The penis-haver kneels down, with a knee on either side of their partner’s face to receive oral sex - like in the Assisted Queen position. This variation is less strenuous for the person performing oral sex. It also leaves their hands free to caress their partner’s back and buttocks, combine the blow job with a hand job, or use a sex toy on them for additional stimulation.

In both variations, the penis-haver receiving oral sex is relatively still, allowing their partner to control fellatio. This makes oral sex more comfortable for the giver and minimizes the risk of gagging. However, the penis-haver receiving oral sex may thrust if the person giving sex likes to be more submissive.

The Plumber position can be used as part of foreplay or the entire sex act, depending on a couple’s preferences. It can be easily performed by straight and homosexual couples without any variations.


More About Plumber Position

The Plumber position is a relatively safe sexual position, although it can be hard on the knees, elbows, and head, depending on the variation. Putting down some pillows before play can minimize discomfort.

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