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Updated: OCTOBER 28, 2019

A Castratrix is a dominant female who castrates men in a BDSM scene. The term is a portmanteau of the words castrate and dominatrix.

Castratrixes may work at BDSM dungeons or body modification parlors. They are highly sought after by men with castration fetishes or who want to be absolutely dominated by women.


More About Castratrix

Castratrixes may inject their submissives with a drug such as Depo-Provera to chemically castrate them. They may also surgically castrate their submissives by removing their testes. There are also bloodless castration techniques which involve crushing the testicle cords or cutting off the testicles’ blood supply.

Men attracted to Castratrixes love the thought that a woman can exploit their deepest fears and thus truly dominate them. However, they should be aware that castration comes with several side effects. Along with sterility, castrated men often suffer a range of side effects including reduced libido, feeling depressed and weak, and gaining weight.

Theoretically, the term Castratrix can be used to describe any dominatrix who castrates men, whether she castrates them willingly or not. However, in BDSM circles, all play should be consensual. For this reason, it’s unheard of for a Castratrix to ever castrate a man without his permission. However, men may have sexual fantasies about being castrated by a Castratrix against their will, just as someone may have rape fantasies. Some Dommes may play with their illicit fantasies and tease about castrating their submissives against their will or perform mock procedures, like banding, to make it seem they are castrating their subs.

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